Thursday, April 03, 2008

Banned for 14 Years MMA Returns to North Carolina

I got a much welcomed surprise while watching UFN last night. A commercial came on with Royce Gracie introducing MMA back to NC with an organization called Carolina Fight Promotions.

I'm so stoked for this, it's not the UFC of course but it's going to be great to go to a live event right in my hometown of Raleigh, NC. My wife and I are buying ringside tickets and hopefully they will let us take some pics and maybe a little video.

Not to mention the fact that they sometimes schedule UFC fighters to make special appearances. CFP's first fight will be April 26th in the Dorton Arena at the NC State Fairgrounds. Of course I'll report on as much of the event as I can.

Carolina Fight Promotions was instrumental in getting MMA legalized in NC again, here is a statement form their website regarding their efforts:

"Carolina Fight Promotions was successful in helping the law makers of our state to see the positive impact of MMA on our state's economy. As a result, in December 2007, Governor Easley signed a bill that allows Mixed Martial Arts back to North Carolina. We are now poised for the explosive growth of this sport in our state.

Carolina Fight Promotions Inc. was the sole sponsor of the bill getting mixed martial arts allowed in North Carolina. It took over 2 years of dedicated efforts for this successful outcome. Our law makers voted unanimously recognizing the undeniable revenue and economic value of MMA sport events."

If that wasn't exciting enough there is also a 2nd promotion that will be putting on fights called: Ruckus In The Cage They will be holding an event in Raleigh on May 24th which I also plan to attend.

Here is a sample from one of their fights on 2-9-08

Now, if we can just get the UFC to come here....

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