Sunday, June 24, 2007

Crazy Finishes at last nightsTUF 5 Finale

In an already exciting card at The Ultimate Fighter 5 finale there were 2 very unexpected finishes. Manny Gaburyan was controlling Nate Diaz for all of the first round and round quickly started with more of the same. But just 20 seconds into the 2nd Manny went for the shot on Diaz dislocated his shoulder and immediately tapped making Nate the Ultimate Fighter Season 5 contract winner.

On the stranger side was the bout between Gray Maynard and Rob Emerson. Gray was overpowering Emerson the whole first round and Rob was in pain from a rib injury. Maynard came in hard and grabbed Emerson up for a slam, when they came down Gray took a rocking shot to top of the head and went limp.

Emerson had tapped right after being slammed but it was clear that Gray Maynard was seeing tweety birds and no clue what was happening right then resulting in the Nevada State Commission to rule the bout a no contest.

Good show, now I'm looking forward to UFC 73 Stacked!

(MMA Fanatic)