Sunday, March 04, 2007

UFC 68, one for the record books

The fans really got their $50 bucks worth for UFC 68! There was no way this could be a bad card with the likes of Hughes, Franklin, Sylvia, and Couture all on the same night.

All of the stars showed up to fight... Matt Hughes takes a hard earned 3 round decision to Chris Lytle. The majority of the fight was spent on the ground with a lot of good grappling and jiu jitsu skills on display.

Rich Franklin defeats Canadian Jason "The Athlete" MacDonald for the win after Jason’s team throws in the towel at the end of round 2 after Franklin delivered MacDonald and end of round beating.

Surely the best fight of the night had to be Couture VS Sylvia. The performance that 43 year old Randy Couture put on last night in his complete domination win over Tim Sylvia was amazing to say the least.

For a man of his age to come out of a years retirement and utterly overwhelm a fighter that’s taller, heavier, and stronger than him was simply stunning.

Hardly anyone knew what to expect from Couture going into this fight, he had so many challenges stacked against him. But challenges can be overcome with a good fight plan and that’s exactly what Randy did. Tim even said afterwards that Randy had kept him guessing the whole fight.

The most prominent feature of the fight was Couture’s ability to land strikes at will on Sylvia. Randy also successfully employed a bob and weave upper body movement to keep Sylvia’s big hands off his face.

The striking, effective ground and pound and a smart fight plan employed by Couture is what won him this fight. That fight will have to go down as the greatest UFC fight of 2007 and certainly one of the top matches of all time.

(MMA Fanatic)