Tuesday, May 02, 2006

UFC News & Tidbits

Lots and lots of exciting UFC fight news out there! Besides Hughes vs Gracie there is alot of talk about the proposed rubber match title fight between Arlovski and Sylvia.

It's been rumored/reported that Arlovski and Sylvia will have a rubber match at UFC 61. That's a quick turnaround between fights, but I'd love to see it none the less!

No knock on Sylvia but Arlovski is my man and I doubt he'll let himself get caught a 2nd time with Tim's meaty right hand. Where as Sylvia has been dropped 2 times with almost identical rights from Arlovski in their past 2 fights.

See my previous fight analysis on Arlovski/Sylvia from UFC 59 here. And my post fight thoughts here.

Sylvia actually requested this fight, he wants a successful title defense against Arlovski to silence the critics that he just "got lucky" and is a legitimate champion... We'll see.

From what I've read it sounds like Forrest Griffin may be taking on Ken Shamrock in place of Tito Ortiz due to injury. Wow, that will be a hell of a fight!

Lots of rumors surrounding Tito as well. There has been talk that he may retire, and some other talk that he has NOT pulled out of the Shamrock fight no one really knows for sure.

We'll find out in the next month or so...

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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Who's next for Chuck Liddell?

Many think it will be the man in this picture, Renato "Babalu" Sobral considered by most to be the number one contender in the UFC for the heavyweight belt.

The last time these two men met in the octagon was 11-22-02 at UFC 40. Chuck knocked Babalu out at 2:55 in round one with a devastating headkick that has made all the UFC highlight reels since and is included in the opening to UFC Unleashed.

Sobral's last 3 appearances in the UFC have all been wins. An armbar submission over Travis Wiuff at UFC 52, triangle choke over Chael Sonnen UFC 55, and rear naked choke over Mike Van Arsdale UFC 57.

My early prediction if this fight is put on.... another crushing knockout of Babalu is all I can see. Babalu is good but he's not up to beating Liddell just yet.

Look for this fight to probably be sometime in August at UFC 62.

(MMA fanatic)

UFC 60 Hughes vs Gracie interactive website

When perusing the UFC.com site this morning I noticed that they have a special interactive site setup for a preview of UFC 60 and it is very cool. If you haven't seen it yet you can check it out here: UFC 60

I spent at least an hour this morning watching the previews and checking out the interactive interviews with Matt Hughes, Royce Gracie and Dana White, this thing kicks ass!

Listening to Matt and Royce discuss their individual fight plans I find that they are much as I had speculated in my previous post.

Matt intends to keep this fight standing up and beat Royce with effective striking. Royce plans on working his game patiently to get Hughes to the ground and sink in some kind of submission.

The build up to this fight is going to be intense and I think this fight will be one for the record books.

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