Saturday, April 15, 2006

Welcome fellow MMA Fanatics. With UFC 59: Reality Check only hours away I decided today would be a fine day to start an MMA blog... and here we are.

As the name of my Blog would indicate I am an MMA fanatic. I got hooked on Ultimate Fighting Championship back in the mid 90's but as a lot of people are aware it was difficult to find quality MMA programming on cable and pay per view, which sucked.

Since MMA has come back huge the last few years I find that I can't get enough! Be it UFC, WEC, Pride etc. I love it all.

I've really been looking forward to tonight's UFC event, there are some Kick Ass fights on the card tonight. I'm going to give my predictions on the 2 biggest fights tonight: Arlovski vs. Sylivia for the Heavyweight Title and Griffin vs. Ortiz.

For the titlefight I'm going with Arlovski. Andrei Arlovski is the more well rounded fighter overall and has the superior submissions skills as evidenced from his last win over Sylivia in Feb. of 2005 by Achilles lock
at 47 seconds of the first round.

Of course you can't discount Sylvia's heart, immense strength, and devastating striking, this fight has all the hallmarks of great battle.

Griffin and Ortiz I find much harder to call as this is a very evenly matched fight in my opinion. Both fighters are excellent strikers, grapplers, and each man has tremendous heart. I give the edge in experience to Ortiz while Griffin has the iron determination.

Ultimately I find myself choosing Griffin as the winner of this bout. Unless either man makes a serious mistake I can see this going all 3 rounds for a judges decision.

Thanks for stopping by, check back for my post fight comments later this weekend.

(MMA Fanatic)