Thursday, October 04, 2007

The Ultimate Fighter Episode 3 Bye Joey

Well it went down much like I thought it would Joey Scarola couldn’t take the cameras couldn’t take being away from his girlfriend of 6 months so he bailed. Matt Serra did everything he could to try and convince him otherwise and so did Dana White but he quit anyway.

Now you know that Joey wanted to be in the UFC bad, I’m sure he begged Matt Serra to get him on the show and in turn Matt put in the good word for Joey with Dana. For him to then turn into a whiny ass quitter is so lame and pathetic I can hardly find the words to describe it.

Matt even told Joey, “Look if you leave you are going home to no job because I can’t have quitters teaching at my school” and he’s totally right. After seeing this show who would want to get involved with Serra’s school when they may end up being taught by a quitter. Dana went even further when he said if you walk out that door you will never be in the UFC.

Trashing a tight friendship with Matt and blowing ANY opportunity with the UFC seemed to be of no concern to Joey who only wanted to go home to his girls and lick his wounds…. Well you got plenty of time now loser.

Enough of that….

It was a quick fight at the end of the show last night after Billy Miles succumbed to first time Octagon pressures and let himself get locked into a John Kolosci standing guillotine choke. Billy seems like a good guy with the right skills and I think he’ll bounce back once he gets another shot probably on a UFN under card.

Next week looks interesting with Dorian Price’s aggressive antics towards the TUF film crew possibly getting him booted from the show. Until then…

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

The Ultimate Fighter Episode 3 Tonight

I’m going to go out on a limb here (not) and predict that tonight is the night that Joe Scarola gets booted or chooses to leave the show. This kind of thing seems to happen every season of TUF, there is one guy that looks like a grown man but is actually little girl in disguise. Can you say Gabe Rudiger?

I guess it makes for a good show since I do find my self yelling “Man up you wuss!” to my flat screen. But really, look what a pansy this kid is, he gives up with 10 seconds left in his fight with Mac Danzig to a triangle choke that he should have easily been able to counter being a BJJ black belt.

That was bad enough but to then mope around like a baby whining that he wants to leave and he needs to call his girlfriend is pathetic. In the previews we see Dana talking to him and telling him that “you don’t want to go out like this”, all I can hope is that Joey takes Dana’s advice and sticks it out for the full 6 weeks and retain some of his pride. But I have a feeling he wont….

(MMA Fanatic)