Friday, May 19, 2006

Tait Fletcher vs Josh Haynes on TUF3 last night

Great fight on TUF3 last night. It was hard to know who to root for as I like Tait, but I'm giving props to Josh for his passioned commitment to his family and the sport. And I was glad to see him get the decision.

Now as far as the decision is concerned... Clearly after 2 rounds this fight was a draw and I share the same opinion as Dana White that this fight should have gone to a 3rd and deciding round. With so much at stake for each fighter that opportunity should have been given.

But, MMA is a fickle sport sometimes and thats why fighters always want the tap out or knock out instead of letting the judges shape your destiny. I'm looking forward to what Josh will do in the semis's.

Lots of bitching to due to the return of Jesse which I think was a poor decision by TUF. If it was me I would have brought Solomon back. I think Hutcherson brought alot more to the table than Jesse who will most likely get pounded again at his next fight.

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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Ortiz will fight Shamrock in July & TUF 3 thoughts...

I was making the rounds of some fighter sites and Tito is saying that Tito will fight Ken Shamrock in July (UFC 61?) Apparently Tito is recovering from some stretched knee ligaments and a bulging disc suffered during TUF3 filming and aggravated from his fight with Forrest Griffin.

I don't think that would change the outcome of the fight though. Slightly injured or healed I'm afraid Tito is going to have his way with Ken yet again, and then Ken should retire. He's a UFC legend and a great ambassador for the sport but he just doesn't have that same edge anymore.

Quite frankly after seeing Ken on TUF3 I don't get the same warm and fuzzy feeling I had before I saw him on there. His coaching style leaves a lot to be desired, he seems aimless, and can't keep his team morale up. It seems I should have expected more from a guy of his Caliber.

Despite some complaining from the team about favoritism and training injuries I was very surprised by what an excellent coach Tito is. He's attentive, enthused and genuinely interested in having the winning team and advancing the skills of each fighter. I thought he was going to be a bit more of a punk based on his Octagon antics but he's been great to watch.

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International Fight League to air on FSN this month.

I'm sure that most all of the serious MMA fans have heard of the International Fight League. A new organization that is team based with 5 fighters to a team and 8 teams all together.

Coached by the likes of Pat Miletich, Bas Ruten, Maurice Smith and Renzo Gracie it promises to be an exciting new way to view the sport of mixed martial arts.

I have been looking forward to seeing some of these fights for quite a while now and it looks like they are ready for TV. Taped events will be shown on Fox Sports Net beginning on May 21st.

Get all the details here

Courtesy of International Fight

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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Download MMA fights right to your desktop for Free here

Was surfing the forums Monday when I noticed this guy had his MMA forum linked in his sig line stating that there were various fights that could be downloaded to your PC.

Here is the link: Ninjashoes MMA Forum

There is a long list of links posted there with various fight titles, lots of old school Ultimate Fighting Championship fights, some Pride fights and a couple other organizations as well.

Only about half the links work unfortunately, but I was still able to DL a bunch of great fights and will be grabbing a few more to make some DVD's. The links that are on almost all of those are fine but none of the links seem to work so don't waste your time.

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Sunday, May 14, 2006

The latest Ultimate Fighter episode...

I've been away from this blog for a few days due to a death in the family and I was out of town since Saturday last week. Upon my return I have gone to my DVR and caught up on my TUF 3 episode and I feel compelled to share my feelings here regarding Noah Inhofer.

I can't believe what a pussy this guy is... Here you are, with a shot at a 6 figure contract in the UFC, and your going to give that up over some broad that you've been dating for 6 months!?!

Give me a break, this, "I think you cheated on me" kind of BS is from fricken high school and Noah is supposed to be a "grown man"... yeah right.

And what kind of girl supposedly so in love with him, would ruin his chance of making the big time over this kind of childish crap? Did you see Tito's face when he got the news? What a riot! He was totally floored that Noah would leave over this.

Hope it worth it Noah... See Ya!

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