Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Download MMA fights right to your desktop for Free here

Was surfing the forums Monday when I noticed this guy had his MMA forum linked in his sig line stating that there were various fights that could be downloaded to your PC.

Here is the link: Ninjashoes MMA Forum

There is a long list of links posted there with various fight titles, lots of old school Ultimate Fighting Championship fights, some Pride fights and a couple other organizations as well.

Only about half the links work unfortunately, but I was still able to DL a bunch of great fights and will be grabbing a few more to make some DVD's. The links that are on almost all of those are fine but none of the links seem to work so don't waste your time.

(MMA Fanatic)


ninjashoes said...

haha cool, thats my site, fancy me coming here and seeing that. Thanks for linking to my site but that link you posted doesent work anymore. I had to move my forum because my hosting sucks. Im reposting alot of teh fights though and so are others come check us out

Gapper said...

Hey thats pretty cool that you stumbled across that. I was excited to see all the fights available on your forum, I have to get a few more together to burn a DVD.

You have a very cool forum. I went back and edited my previous post to include the new forum URL and I'll add a static link on the blog for people to check out.

Thanks for stopping by!

ninjashoes said...

just letting you know the url changed again to, sorry for the inconvenience