Friday, May 19, 2006

Tait Fletcher vs Josh Haynes on TUF3 last night

Great fight on TUF3 last night. It was hard to know who to root for as I like Tait, but I'm giving props to Josh for his passioned commitment to his family and the sport. And I was glad to see him get the decision.

Now as far as the decision is concerned... Clearly after 2 rounds this fight was a draw and I share the same opinion as Dana White that this fight should have gone to a 3rd and deciding round. With so much at stake for each fighter that opportunity should have been given.

But, MMA is a fickle sport sometimes and thats why fighters always want the tap out or knock out instead of letting the judges shape your destiny. I'm looking forward to what Josh will do in the semis's.

Lots of bitching to due to the return of Jesse which I think was a poor decision by TUF. If it was me I would have brought Solomon back. I think Hutcherson brought alot more to the table than Jesse who will most likely get pounded again at his next fight.

(MMA Fanatic)


EssPea Photography said...

Good fight, but I hate when High Stakes fights go to decision.

As for Jesse coming back I think it is the right thing. Noah knocked Jesse out of the competition and then quit. It is only fair that Jesse gets to come back and the Team Punishment gets punished for a teammate leaving.

Soloman coming back would be terrible, because that would bring back team dagger, and team dagger is the worst thing that happend to the show.

Gapper said...

I agree why have the 3rd round and then not use it?

I understand the logic by bringing Jesse back but he's a punk and I'm not sure how serious he is about this.

You watch he'll get his ass kicked the next time he fights. If Tito is smart he'll make his next fight against Jesse and send his home again.

Dagger!! LOL!!!

Guppyman said...

The decision sucked. No way that fight shouldn't have gone to round three....

Jesse will get beaten again... Unfortunately, he already has been given a slot in the semis....

I loved the comment about that last night... "Get knocked out in under two minutes and make it to the semis- that's bullshit"

Gapper said...

Yeah there was no way that decision couldn't suck no matter which way it went.