Thursday, April 03, 2008

Irvin Ties for Fastest UFC Knock Out in Controversial Decision.

James Irvin knocked out highly touted and heavy handed Houston Alexander in just 8 seconds at last nights Ultimate Fight Night. Irvin opened up immediately with a right that folded Alexander and sent him to the mat, Irvin followed up with two more hard shots and Steve Mazzagatti quickly called an end to the fight.

Alexander popped right up and protested the call but you can clearly see Houston's arms locked straight in the air because his brain got rocked and he was making no attempt to defend himself. I can understand his anger, it must be frustrating as hell to train so hard and get finished in 8 seconds but fighter safety must come first.

All in all it was a great card and I would have been happy even if it had been a PPV. Big props to Nick Diaz and Matt Hamill both guys are tough as hell and never give up. And how about that split lip Hamill had! Yikes! He'll carry the scar from that fight for the rest of his life.

But boy do I feel bad for "Farm Boy" Tommy Speer, talk about deer in the headlights. Anthony Johnson just put a whoopin on Tommy and left him slumped out cold against the cage... not flattering at all. I think Tommy needs to head back to farm because he just doesn't have what it takes to compete with the big boys.


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