Saturday, April 19, 2008

Matt Serra is Going to Beat GSP...Yeah I said it!

I can't remember ever being this excited for a UFC and I am so looking forward to Serra and GSP. Let me just say first that I think GSP is a great fighter, a class act and is great for the sport of MMA.

However I found his comments made in the days and weeks after his loss to Serra to be very revealing. The big issue I have are the excuses: My cousin died, my dad was sick, I had other problems etc. etc.

Well if your cousin died and your dad was sick why not go in there fired up and ready win one for your family? That would have been all the motivation I needed.

As a fan I don't want to hear excuses, who cares that the media kept asking and asking. All Georges had to keep saying was that Serra was the better fighter that night and sometimes you get caught, thats MMA... period. Get back to camp, get your head right and get ready for your next chance.

Another reason why I think Serra can take this fight is that GSP has all the pressure here. He's fighting in his hometown, in his home country, to a record sell out crowd that are all there to see him and ultimately that could be a problem.

Serra on the other hand seems totally relaxed and focused on the task at hand, he's feeding off the boos from the Canadian fans. Even though this is a title defense for him he's taking it all in stride and staying loose.

I really don't think this fight will go close to 5 rounds and I don't think it will be over in the first. My thoughts are that the fight will go to the 3rd and Serra will win by submission possibly a triangle choke or arm bar. Watch for Serra's black belt BJJ experience play a large factor in this fight.

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