Thursday, June 01, 2006

TUF 3 Matt Hamill VS. Mike Nickles

I just finished watching the latest episode of The Ultimate Fighter and that had to be the gayest fight I've ever seen in my life. My fricken wife could have beat Matt's ass that's how bad this was.

I swear I thought Mike was deaf, if he had only listened to his coach and his team mates he could have won this fight. All it seemed Mike was capable of was throwing these wild windmill type punches with head down and his eyes closed...?

I can't be the only person that thought this fight was weak. Matt is supposed to be some kind of Olympic caliber wrestler and he can't hang for 10 mins with out getting faint and feeling like he was going to puke?

I am sorely disappointed in this fight even my wife was like "What the hell is this?!" That being said I can only agree with the decision even though this fight was "sloppy" as Dana White put it, Matt clearly got in way more strikes than Mike did and I grudgingly admit he deserved the decision.

Neither man should be proud of that fight...

(MMA Fanatic)


jarhead john said...

I thought Mike was a wuss before this. The way he acted after the particularly hot sparring session just blew me away. I thought that he should be a tougher guy than that. Granted, he got his bell rung a bit, but hell, he should be prepared for that shit. I'll get to watch this pathetic fight in two weeks when it airs here. I now know to catch a quick nap when it comes on.

Gapper said...

I never got that impression and was looking forward to this matchup. But yeah, turns out neither man was that impressive.

Pathetic barely covers it... let me know what you think when you see it.

Aurelius said...

Nice to stumble across a blogmad site that's talking about something important.

I was a big fan of Matt going into the fight, and I thought his stand up game was pretty good for a guy who was probably pretty hurt going in to it.

It thought the way the show ended sucked, I want to know that Matt will be back for more fights, hopefully at 100% If Tito thinks he's got his shit in one sock, I'm inclinded to give him the benefit of the doubt.

This is the first season of UFC reality that I've started watching, but I'm a huge fan. This is the sort of competition where those who deserve it should advance beyond their inferiors. This is about gladiators, not technical rule-lawyers.

Cool to find a UFC blog, I'm bookmark'n ya now.

Gapper said...

Glad you like the blog, I'm a huge fan myself which is why I started this.

I was expecting more from Matt to be honest. I find it troubling that he looked gassed out at the end of round 1.

I'm very interested to see what he'll bring to semis. Tito better have him working on cardio thats for sure.

Guppyman said...

Somebody needs to teach Matt some basic choke holds. how many times did he have Mike's back and he just stood up...? It could have easily been over in the first round.

I almost hope he can't hang and goes home now.... but that would bring Mike back in, and that would be even more pathetic than keeping Matt around.

I hope the semis are more entertaining than round one... The first few fights were ok, but the last few weeks have been dissapointing. It's sad to look forward to this all week and then have such a letdown from the fight...

Anonymous said...

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