Sunday, May 28, 2006

Another fantastic UFC event last night.

Well the torch has been officially passed, after last nights UFC 60 it's clear that the new era of UFC fighters are a step above those from the early 90's.

I expected the Matt Hughes vs Royce Gracie fight to go at least 2 rounds and I was a bit surprised at the utter domination Matt had over Royce. I was not surprised that the fight ended in a TKO ref stoppage, I expected that, just not in such an overwhelming fashion.

As I stated in my previous post this Hughes win certainly locks Matt in as the most dominant welterweight in UFC history.

I don't want to take anything away from Royce, he hung in there way beyond any other fighter would have under the same circumstances. I thought for sure that he would have to tap with the pressure Matt was applying to his arm yet if you saw the look on his face it wasn't any different than how he would look relaxing in a comfortable armchair. That's a testament to his toughness, he simply would not submit.

The remainder of the card also featured some great fights. Mike "Quick" Swick again lived up to his name by taking out Joe Riggs by guillotine choke 2:19 in round one.

Brandon Vera was able to quickly take out Brazilian big man Assuerio Silva by also utilizing a guillotine choke 2:39 in round one. Brandon just looks better and better each time he fights, could there be an eventual title fight against light heavyweight champ Chuck Liddell? Time will tell.

Up and comer Melvin Guillard just about took Las Vegas native Rick Davis' head off with a crushing overhand right that sent Davis to the mat like a ragdoll at 1:37 of round one.

All in all it was great show now it's time to wait for UFC 61 Bitter Rivals July 8th.

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jarhead john said...

Damn. I must have missed a very importand memo. Chuck Liddel is now the HEAVYWEIGHT champ? I thought he was the top light heavyweight. Did I miss something, or was that a typo?

I'm am in no way surprised that Hughes took down Gracie. He's (Gracie)a bit long in the tooth to compete with a dynamo like Hughes. I still wish I could have seen it.
Alas, the idiots that run the cable, clubs, entertainment, etc, here in Okinawa have no clue how huge UFC is.

Gapper said...

LOL!! I stand corrected Chuck is the light heavy champ not the heavy which is actually Sylvia.

Yeah I wasn't either but I was surprised at how fast and in what a dominating fashion it was done.

EssPea Photography said...

I think every fight had at least one great moment, but by the far the most exicting fights were the 'unaired' lightweight fights. Flying Knee KO and a huge overhand right KO.

Also in the Sanchez vs Alessio fight when it was a piggy back fight for most of the round... amazing!

This is one of the best all around UFC's that I have seen.

Its too bad that Gracie lost, but I really wasn't expecting him to win. It sucks that he never really had the chance to get into the guard though, Matt just dominated him.

Gapper said...

I agree this was a very entertaining UFC. I forgot about the Sanchez Alessio fight, that 2 plus minutes of piggybacking was crazy.

Give it up to Alessio for having the strength to stay on his feet with Sanchez hanging off him all the while defending the rear naked choke.

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