Thursday, June 01, 2006

Brandon Vera... Walking the walk and backing it all up.

I have to admit I've been more impressed with Brandon Vera than any of the new up and comer fighters I've seen lately. This guy has a stated goal to be the first fighter to hold the Heavy and Light Heavyweight belts in the UFC, and damn if it doesn't look like he could do it.

He's rolling right over guys that are 20, 30, 40 pounds heavier than he is and his most recent win in UFC 60 over Assuerio Silva is more proof that this guy has everything it takes to get a title shot.

Can you imagine the possible title fight scenarios? Vera VS. Sylvia (or Arlovski), Vera VS. Liddell Wow! I'll be first in line for that PPV!

The Washington Post has a great article on Vera today, check it out Here.

You can also check out Brandon's website here: Brandon Vera

And he has a cool blog with video you can see here: Brandon Vera Blog

(MMA Fanatic)

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