Sunday, April 27, 2008

"The Return" MMA Rocks North Carolina for the first time in 14 years

Carolina Fight Promotions held it's first event last night and it was also the first MMA event to be held in North Carolina since being banned after UFC 3 in Charlotte NC 14 years ago.

CFP founder Doug Muhle and Jason Culbreth were instrumental in lobbying the NC state legislature for over 2 years to get MMA legalized in NC again.

The whole show seemed to go off without a hitch after slightly late start to complete Dr's pre-fight exams. Every fight was good featuring local guys especially from one local camp Team Roc.

My wife and I arrived in the arena at 5:45 about 15 mins after doors opened. I waited too long and didn't get ringside seats so we got premium floor instead. We got to select a pretty nice pair of seats right against the fence that formed the aisle for the fighters.

It was great first show, the fighters really left it all in the cage and there weren't any pussies plus these guys had some real talent. All of that bodes well for future MMA events planned for Raleigh in May in terms of local fighter talent.

Also IFL Champ Tim Kennedy was there as well, I didn't get a chance for an autograph but I did get to slap hands with him as he came down the fighter isle towards the big screens behind us... very cool.

Next fight coming up on 5-24 is Ruckus In The Cage also at Dorton Arena. For that fight we got cage side seats and they are assigned unlike the CFP show last night and I should be able to get some great pics.

To see over 40 more pictures from last night visit my flickr page.


Martindale said...

Hey, thanks for coming out! I hope you enjoyed the show... You wouldn't happen to have any of the photos taken of us fighters before the matches, would you?

Gapper said...

It was a great time and I can't wait to see more MMA in Raleigh.

I do have a bunch of pics I took and there is a link in the post I made to my Flikr page. If there are any that you want just pick them out and I'll email them to you.

I'm not sure if I got a pic of you or not... I had about 30 to trash due to the lighting and my POS camera.

Jason Bowen said...

I'm glad you came out bro and enjoyed yourself. The event was well put together and all the fighters fought their hearts out. The crowd was awesome...I think everyone enjoyed themselves!! I can't wait till the next event...

(I fought Haseem Sanders at 205 lbs.)

Gapper said...

Thanks! I think my wife might have had a better time than I did she was really into the fights!

All of the crowd around where I was all seemed to be big MMA fans.

I was impressed by the event production that CFP put on. All the fighters were great, lots of good JJ going on so it kept the ground action exciting. I've seen some smaller shows on HD Net that weren't as good as you guys all were.

Are any of you guys fighting for Ruckus In The Cage 5-24?

I really appreciate your guys comments and for the opportunity to chat a bit.

Jason Bowen said...

I'm not fighting since I'm getting married in early june. Fiance would kill me if I was bruised up for the wedding!!!! I believe that some of the same guys will be in the Ruckus in May.

Gapper said...

Ah preparing for the biggest fight of your life... marriage! Well congrats and I look forward to seeing all you guys in that cage again soon.

corey said...

well i guess im not the only one looking for pics from this event...haha. im corey stephenson, i fought the second fight, im wearing the red/black sprawl shorts. could you email any of those pics of me to

thanks alot!!

Anonymous said...

hey guys if you go to theres a ton of pics up from the fights...hope to see yall again in july.
-pete martin