Saturday, February 02, 2008

UFC & WWE Collide at UFC 81 Breaking Point

Finally tonight MMA fans get to see the much anticipated fight between former UFC Heavyweight champ Frank Mir and WWE superstar Brock Lesnar. This is going to be a difficult fight to pick a winner, Mir has been lackluster in his last few fights after returning from a serious motorcycle accident. And Lesnar while being a former WWE superstar and award winning collegiate wrestler is still an unknown and untested MMA fighter in the cage.

Mir has come off an intense training camp and appears to be in excellent condition, in fact he says he's fully healed and back at a full 100%. If that is in fact the case then Mir stands a good chance of winning this fight.

I believe that he will likely keep the fight standing as long as he can and use his striking to soften Lesnar up in preparation for some kind of submission on the ground provided he can maintain a dominant position there.

I would expect Lesnar to come out a do what he does best and that is to use his considerable strength and bigger size to take Mir down keep him on his back and G n' P him to a ref stoppage.

I can easily see this fight going either way but my money and my fantasy pick will be on Lesnar.

The Main event on tonights card is the bout between former heavyweight champ Tim Sylvia and former Pride heavyweight champ Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira.

I can easily see this fight going well into the late rounds as I don't expect to see much different from Sylvia other than jabbing to keep Nog at a distance in between squeezing him against the cage in a fashion similar to his fight with Brandon Vera.

Despite the fact that I generally can't stand Tim Sylvia I must grudgingly admit that he will prevail in this fight and once again go home with the HW belt.

All in all this looks to be an exciting card hopefully we'll get a bunch of KO's like UFC 80

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