Monday, July 03, 2006

UFC All Access features Tito Ortiz tonight on spike.

Spike TV and UFC are bringing a new episode of All Access tonight featuring Tito Ortiz. I really enjoy the all access shows, the last 2 they did on Rich Franklin and Andrei Arlovski were really interesting.

I found it fascinating seeing what the average day of a UFC star actually consists of, from Frankin's hardcore cardio training to Arlovski's 8 egg and steak breakfasts. Plus! Grabbing big eye fulls of the host & gorgeous octagon girl Rachelle Leah will also ensure your attention is at a high level for 30 mins!

(MMA Fanatic)


Chris said...

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I train in mauy thai, brazilian jiu jitsu, weapons, and XMA so I love watching martial arts on TV and enjoy relevant blogs.

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Gapper said...

Thanks glad you like the blog. Here is the blogspot address:

I'll be announcing it officially later today or tomorrow morning that I am moving this blog to my own domain using wordpress. Here is the URL for that:

I still have a few tweaks to make and some odds and ends but it's just about ready to go. I'm going to make my first post over there on the upcoming fights this weekend.