Friday, June 16, 2006

TUF 3 the last 3 semi final fights

2 great episodes last night, lots of laughs and lots of action. I won't get into too much detail over the whole Rory "is gay" thing but man that was some funny stuff, juvenile to be sure but funny none the less. Once we got past the sharpie graffiti on fighters gear, ass crack sweat on the MMA gloves, and pissing in another fighters head gear there were some actual fights.

Team Ortiz is hanging out in the gym and in comes Matt fresh from his stay at the hospital. So they are all filling Matt in on how he won etc. etc. they start mentioning Tait and Kristian when it becomes apparent that Matt hasn't been told that the Dr's won't allow him to continue fighting.

I was a little harsh on Matt before, but you could tell by the look on his face that he was crushed after working so hard. However all is not lost for Matt, after TUF3 finished shooting Matt teamed up with Tito and is now training with him and some other members of TUF3. Check out this post on Ninjashoes MMA forum for more info and some great pics.

So now for the first fight of the night it's Rory Singer vs Ed Herman, both guys can't stand each other and are looking forward to dishing it out in the ring.

Round one was relatively even with the edge going to Ed Herman. Ed takes Rory to the ground shortly after the fight starts and starts working in some elbows and strikes. Rory is doing a good job of defending himself in the first round and is eventually able to stand up and get a takedown on Ed.

Rory only has about a minute and a half of the round left to work in some of his own ground and pound and manages to get a couple strikes in before the round was over but not much. Round 2 starts out with each man trading a couple shots to the head and Ed takes Rory down again. With a constant forearm and or a elbow tip smashing his face, Ed wears Rory's will to fight down to nothing and Rory practically gives up the rear naked choke on a silver platter and taps out moments later.

Next up starting on episode 2 is Josh Haynes vs. Jesse Forbes. The fight gets off to a quick start and the stronger Jesse takes Josh to the ground and quickly gets Josh's back. Jesse is working extra hard to try and sink a choke and once or twice he very nearly succeeds.

Josh is no quitter and he keeps working on the choke defense the whole time and manages to prevent Jesse from locking it in all the way. Josh eventually works his way out from under Jesse and into Jesse's guard but only for a moment when Josh loses position due to a failed leg lock attempt and the round ends.

Jesse is clearly gassed from all the energy he spent trying to put a vice on Josh's head and his arms are very tired. Jesse opens up round 2 by quickly shooting in on Josh. Josh gets his arms around Jesse's neck from the shoot attempt and sinks in a sweet standing guillotine and he's got it locked in tight, moments later Jesse is forced to tap.

I knew that was going to happen to Jesse, he's a good wrestler and an excellent athlete but his lack of MMA experience proved to be his downfall again by getting caught with another submission.

I gotta give it up for Josh, this guy has heart like you won't believe. I think he's the most real fighter on the show. He's not there to get drunk, have a good time, or talk a bunch of shit, he's there to get the contract, and he's there to do it for his family. Nice win Josh....

Ok, so now we have probably the most anticipated fight of the night, the battle of Britain... Michael Bisping vs Ross Pointon.

During the pre-fight interviews Bisping thinks he may try to throw a flying knee on Ross as that is the last thing he'll be expecting. Pointon just can't wait to get in there and starting banging, you know what I mean?

Meanwhile all the other fighters are hanging out downstairs getting drunk, a ketchup and mustard sling fight ensues and food is hurled all about the downstairs area.

On to the fight... The fight opens up with Ross tagging Michael a nice hard right that staggers him a bit. Michaels declares that's the only one that Ross is going to get. Both men continue to move in and out taking shots at each other.

Ross isn't being as effective as he could be because he isn't stepping in and his big punches are missing Bisping's head by 4 and 5 inches. Bisping goes for the shoot but Pointon is able to hold him off.

They each back off a little and Bisping comes in with that flying knee and it works perfectly catching Ross on the temple and sending him staggering backwards. Michael wisely rushes in and finishes Ross off with a flurry of punches that causes the ref to stop the fight.

Michael Bisping is no joke. He has the skills, desire, strength, experience, and conditioning to be an elite fighter in the UFC and I'm looking for him to take the Light Heavy contract against Josh Haynes.

So the Ultimate Fighter 3 finals are set:

Kendall Grove vs. Ed Herman for the middleweight final


Michael Bisping vs. Josh Haynes in the light heavyweight final

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