Saturday, May 27, 2006

TUF 3 Ed Herman VS. Danny Abaddi short & sweet.

Finally this week we got to see the whiskey drinking Ed Herman show his stuff in the octagon. Ed finally got his wish this week to have a fight against a team Ortiz member after being "slighted" by Tito when teams were picked.

Representing team Ortiz was the quiet karate instructor Danny Abaddi. Actually turns out Danny is a bit of a talker and story teller as some of the scenes with his housemates show.

Once the fight is made both fighters start making preparations for meeting each other and Danny suffers a low back injury. Danny has to keep leaving the house for therapy appointments and that makes for a lot of speculation among the remaining fighters back at the house.

So now it's fight day and the fight opens up with both guys trading some jabs. Danny catches Ed with a nice right that staggers him Danny then goes into the clinch and they back up to the fence.

Ed gets Danny to the mat within a few moments enters his guard and starts working in some elbows and punches. Danny for the most part is able to defend himself pretty well from the guard and that helps to mitigate Ed's effort somewhat but he is taking damage.

Danny makes a move to roll out from under Ed and leaves his arm wide open. Ed promptly secures it, lays the armbar in deep and Danny quickly taps.

While Ed dominated the fight I certainly didn't see anything in that performance that backs up all the talking he does about how great he is. Perhaps we'll see what Ed really has when he fights next in the semis I'll be interested to see what he can do.

(MMA Fanatic)


Guppyman said...

I wanted Ed to lose so badly on that one.... I can't stand the guy for some reason....

Oh well... there's always next time.

Gapper said...

Yeah Ed is kind of a jackass always going on about how great he is. I can't wait to see him fight again.

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